Working with AVCHD 1080p30 PsF Media in Final Cut

Having trouble working with AVCHD Progressive Segmented Frame in Final Cut? One free work around to correct the pulldown is to import the clip using iPhoto. Simply make sure that your media card has a photo on it and then launch iPhoto.

Step One: Take a Photo on the media card

Make sure your media card has a photo or two present so iPhoto knows to scan your media. I took a few sample photos using the built-in photo function provided on the Canon HF G30.

Step Two: Import your clip(s) into your iPhoto Library

This process should take about the same time as it does to import directly into Final Cut however, it appears that iPhoto correctly reads (or guesses) that the clip should be flagged as 29.97 or 23.94 Progressive.

Step Three: Export Clip from iPhoto

Drag the clip out of iPhoto to a place of your choice. This becomes your original media file.

Step Four: Import into Final Cut

Open your Final Cut Library and select Import Media… Find the file you exported from iPhoto and import it to your Final Cut Library. Voila! Confirm that Final Cut correctly flags your clip as progressive by noting Frame Rate as 29.97p or 23.94p in the Info panel.

Step Five: Cleanup

It’s likely that you now have 3 copies of the same clip on your system at this point. It’s now safe to delete the file from iPhoto. Don’t forget to Empty your iPhoto trash.

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